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History and Vision

Founded in 2021 by a close-knit group of Rose-Hulman alumni, Sawmill Angels, is a group that seeks to give back to the Rose-Hulman community by encouraging and investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovations.


Our mission is to educate, support, and fund entrepreneurs with Rose-Hulman roots. Through our mentorship and investments, we hope to positively impact the success of entrepreneurs and their innovative companies.

Our Process

To give entrepreneurs the best shot at success, we’ve defined a specific process Sawmill Angel funding .  After a startup applies to pitch the Rose Angels, the information will be reviewed and vetted by our investment committee.  


If the committee approves the startup, the information is sent to the Angels for review. In order to pitch in front of the Angels, the startup must be sponsored by an Angel and the sponsor will work closely with the entrepreneur to ensure their pitch is ready for the group.


We hold pitch meetings for ventures that have been sponsored, vetted, and reviewed by an Angel. After the pitch, it is up to each individual Angel to decide if they want to move forward with the investment.


Each Angel decides which investments they want to make - there’s no requirement for an Angel to invest in any particular deal.


Sawmill Angels is open to all Rose-Hulman alumni and affiliates including students, faculty, staff, and family members including, parents, spouses, and children of the alumni. 

In order to participate in Sawmill Angel activities, including attending pitch meetings, angel investors must first submit an application for membership which includes self attestation of accredited investor status. If accepted, they must pay an annual $500.00 membership fee. Membership applications must be reviewed and approved by the Sawmill Angels board before membership is granted.

For entrepreneurs who wish to present their ventures to the Sawmill Angels, simply submit your pitch deck and contact information and we will be in touch.

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